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Emergency Care IDCA-Mesa

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Instructor Certification

Emergency Care Instructor

Instructor Training

Instructor Training

Have you ever had a desire to teach but didn’t have the time to take college courses?

Our Instructor Development Courses are a perfect opportunity for you to get your feet wet.

If you have a passion for teaching and want to provide training to people that will give them tools to make a difference in their community or workplace, then teach them CPR and First Aid.

CPR and First Aid providers have made the difference in lives saved. With the advances in medical knowledge combined with structuring Basic Life Support education. Practically no medical or teaching knowledge is needed to learn and teach CPR or First Aid, that’s why it is called BASIC.

Arizona Safety Plus is an authorized training center for American Safety & Health Institute which is recognized nationally and internationally.

Skills Application

Skills Application

Our approach to training is unique in that the instructors priority is creating a low stress learning environment. This approach gives students an opportunity to learn without the instructor leaning over their shoulder. We use techniques that give you the best opportunity to learn while keeping you informed an engaged.

If you have medical background you can use either the MFA or ASHI courses, both have follow along DVD’s. If you training or teaching experience, the ASHI course is designed with a “Tool-Box” approach that allows the instructor to incorporate various teaching styles into the course while maintaining the content knowledge necessary for certification.

So whether you are experienced at training or are an employee required to provide CPR/First Aid training but need a program that keeps everything on track. Becoming an Instructor is easier than you think. Click on one of the boxes below for a description of the course.

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