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Medic First Aid

Emergency Care Instructor Certification

Medic First Aid Training Center

Medic First Aid Instructor Certification

The Medic First Aid IDC (Instructor Development Course) guides you through the low stress, student centered approach to teaching CPR and First Aid. The Instructor Trainer gives you information about the program philosophies, using the DVD and practical guidelines to help you become proficient at conducting the MFA Emergency Care programs.

Skills Application

Skills Application

If you are new to teaching and Basic Life Support, but maybe your lack of knowledge keeps you from teaching CPR. Our Medic First Aid course are just what you are looking for. The MFA Instructor Development Course provides an instructors manual along with a high quality DVD. This approach allows you the freedom to train your co-workers or community by simply supporting the DVD.

The Medic First Aid IDC is perfect for safety or HR personal needing to train employees in CPR and First Aid in order to meet OSHA guidelines. If you need a course that is structured or a “plug-in-play” format, this Instructor course is perfect for you.

Course Prerequisites:

  1. You must have a current provider certification for the course you would like to teach.
  2. You must have a Training Center to align with, unless you are establishing a Training Center.
  3. You must be 17 years old.

The IDC will consist of the following topics and skills application.

  1. Introduction
  2. The MFA Difference
  3. Our Training Philosophies
  4. Source Authorities
  5. MFA integrated Learning Model
  6. Adult Learning Principles
  7. Medic Fist Aid Training Programs
  8. Role of the Instructor
  9. Instructional Design
  10. Introduction to the Instructor Guide
  11. Using Instructional Guide Pages
  12. Showing Program Video Segments
  13. Performing Real-Time Demonstrations
  14. Facilitating Program Segments with Real Time Demonstration
  15. Facilitating Small Group Practice
  16. Facilitating Talk through scenarios
  17. Facilitating Performance Evaluations
  18. Facilitating Written Exams
  19. MFA Administration
  20. Quality Assurance

At the end of the course all instructor candidates must complete a written exam of 25 questions with a score of 70% or better.

Upon successful completion of the Instructor Development Course. The candidate can submit their application online or through the desired Training Center for a $20.00 application fee. The Instructor will receive their card from Medic First Aid upon approval of training.

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