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Newly Hired Experienced Miner

Newly Hired Experienced Miner

Part 48 Experienced Miner Certification

Part 48 Experienced Miner certification or Newly Hired Experienced Miner training is for miners starting a job at a different surface mine and have a current 5000-23 certificate or who have been out of mining for a couple of months up to 5 years. This course does not have a time requirement but is typically a 8 hour class.

If you have been out of mining for more than 5 years MSHA recommends you take the Annual Refresher class.

Course topics include:

  1. Mandatory health & safety standards.
  2. Transportation controls and communication systems.
  3. Escape & emergency evacuation plans.
  4. Ground Control.
  5. First Aid.
  6. Electrical Hazards.
  7. Prevention of accidents.
  8. Health.
  9. Explosives.
  10. Self Rescue and respiratory devices.
  11. Other topics necessary.

You must have a copy of your 5000-23 New Miner certificate or 5000-23 Annual Refresher certificate to register for the Experienced miner.