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General Industry courses include:

OSHA 10 Hour General Industry Safety

The OSHA 10 Hour Genral Industry course is the OSHA approved course to introduce the worker to standards, procedures and policies necessary for the worker to know how and when to file a complaint with OSHA. The worker learns how to recognize and the procedures to eliminate those hazards. Upon successful completion the worker will receive an official OSHA 10 hour card that is good for life.

OSHA 30 hour General Industry Safety

This course is designed for supervisory personnel and involves a more intense understanding of the OSHA regulations 29 CFR §1910. This course will help everyone from a foreman to a superintendent understand regulations that require them to provide a safe and healthful workplace for their employees and eliminate hazards at the workplace. This course will also help the supervisor by teaching them where to go in the regulations and how to apply them. With this knowledge the supervisor will be better informed as to the procedures they encounter during an inspection, including any followup necessary after the inspection. The attendee will receive a OSHA 30 Hour Card along with a Certificate of Completion.

2016 Violations

Once again Fall Protection tops the list of 2016 Violations. Construction’s number one citation out of the top 20 projected for 2016 is, drum roll please, you guessed it “Fall Protection (1926.501)” According to J.J. Keller Compliance Focus Vol. 26/No.1 Page 1 “violation of OSHA’s construction Fall Protection Standard took the number one spot on…

Ladder Safety

Ladder Safety With the growing number of smart phones in construction, NIOSH has created a ladder application you can download for you iPhone or Android device. Click on the picture to visit the NIOSH site on their new Ladder Application. Once installed on your device you can use the app to help you with making…

A Walking Miracle

Trench Safety – A Walking Miracle


NIOSH Creates a Comic on Nail Gun Safety

Straight Talk About Nail-Gun Safety