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Our services include coming to your site and training your employees. Training  includes CPR, AED and First Aid and including OSHA and MSHA certification.

  • On-Site Safety Inspections
  • On-Site Safety Inspections and Audits
  • On-Site Safety Meetings & Training
  • Off-Site Seminars and Training

We can also help you with making certain your documentation is up to par for an inspection. Don’t have training plans? We can develop:

  • Safety Manuals
  • HazCom plans
  • LockOut Tagout plans
  • Confined Spaces programs
  • Emergency Action Plans
  • Exposure Plans

Our proven training methods consistently yield trainees with higher skill levels. Our students have higher knowledge retention rates, mastery of critical skills, and greater ability to focus on tasks.

Our instructors use the individuals learning ability and a low pressure classroom experience. As much as possible, we try to involve every student into the class. By allowing students to be a part of the learning process, other students feel less pressure. They are not being taught by an instructor. They are learning from everyone in the class. This helps every student with obtaining their potential. After completing our courses, students are better able to show proficiently the requirements of that particular skill.

THE FACTS: As people gain knowledge with each and every life-saving skill, their confidence level rises as well as their productivity.
They immediately realize they are capable of dealing with life’s most critical situations, and most if not all are transformed into better citizens. Their concern for their fellow humans beings motivates them to help those whose life may hang in the balance.
That concern for their fellow human beings demonstrates the will of responsibility—AND THAT—makes them leaders in their community!


Az Safety Plus can help you meet all of your training needs. Our services include online combination training that affords your employees the opportunity to receive relevant and current training at their own pace and convenience. Our CPR combined classes allow students to complete the online information portion of the training. After completing the Information portion, they simply schedule the “skills application”. Since the classroom portion is complete (most time consuming) a student can perform the skills test and complete it in about a half hour.



Az Safety Plus can help you meet regulatory compliance by helping you with writing a training plan. If you don’t have training plans we can write and provide those for you. Another one of our services is providing onsite inspections. These inspections or sometimes called audits can help to show you problem areas that cause a fine resulting from an OSHA inspection.

Safety Consulting Services

Not sure if your records are where they should be? Call us and schedule a meeting to discuss your concerns.

Walking and Working Surfaces 2017

2017 brings a new Walking and Working Surfaces rule for commercial motor vehicle drivers. According to 29 CFR 1910.26 which took effect January 17th, 2017:   The employer must ensure that each dockboard used meets the requirements of this section. The employer must ensure: 1910.26(a) Dockboards are capable of supporting the maximum intended load in…

2016 Violations

Once again Fall Protection tops the list of 2016 Violations. Construction’s number one citation out of the top 20 projected for 2016 is, drum roll please, you guessed it “Fall Protection (1926.501)” According to J.J. Keller Compliance Focus Vol. 26/No.1 Page 1 “violation of OSHA’s construction Fall Protection Standard took the number one spot on…


LOOP Tryouts We are excited to announce the arrival of our LOOP system to be used for CPR training. During a recent Instructors Development Course I had the opportunity to try out our recently purchased LOOP CPR system. Basically the LOOP system brings the aspect of GAMING into the classroom for learning CPR. Watch the video…

ADOSH backs off of Residential Rules!

ADOSH Adopts Federal Fall protection Standard for Construction. ADOSH converts Fall protection For the last two years ADOSH (Arizona Department of Occupational Safety and Health) has been in a legal struggle with FederalOSHA concerning their (ADOSH) “Residential Fall Protection Standards” or CFR 29 1926.500 or Subpart M. You may remember that in 2010 OSHA rescinded…