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Walking and Working Surfaces 2017

2017 brings a new Walking and Working Surfaces rule for commercial motor vehicle drivers. According to 29 CFR 1910.26 which took effect January 17th, 2017:   The employer must ensure that each dockboard used meets the requirements of this section. The employer must ensure: 1910.26(a) Dockboards are capable of supporting the maximum intended load in…

2016 Violations

Once again Fall Protection tops the list of 2016 Violations. Construction’s number one citation out of the top 20 projected for 2016 is, drum roll please, you guessed it “Fall Protection (1926.501)” According to J.J. Keller Compliance Focus Vol. 26/No.1 Page 1 “violation of OSHA’s construction Fall Protection Standard took the number one spot on…


LOOP Tryouts We are excited to announce the arrival of our LOOP system to be used for CPR training. During a recent Instructors Development Course I had the opportunity to try out our recently purchased LOOP CPR system. Basically the LOOP system brings the aspect of GAMING into the classroom for learning CPR. Watch the video…

ADOSH backs off of Residential Rules!

ADOSH Adopts Federal Fall protection Standard for Construction. ADOSH converts Fall protection For the last two years ADOSH (Arizona Department of Occupational Safety and Health) has been in a legal struggle with FederalOSHA concerning their (ADOSH) “Residential Fall Protection Standards” or CFR 29 1926.500 or Subpart M. You may remember that in 2010 OSHA rescinded…

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