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Because Mine Safety Training is mandated by MSHA, every 12 months all miners must attend an 8 hour Part 46 Annual Refresher Training class.

Being caught without certified training on a mine site can cause huge fines and problems for your employer. Without Part 46 Annual Refresher training during an inspections you will be removed from the mine site and not allowed back on the mine until you receive the training. Your owner operator will be fined and won’t be happy with you.

Contractors are required to have certified training also. If you as a contractor are working on a mine site and are caught without Part 46 training. You will be removed from the mine site, have to get the training and probably lose whatever good relationship or contract you have with the operator, because the mine will be fined for letting you on the mine site without training. Don’t risk valuable contracts and relationships with these necessary opportunities. Get trained today.