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No matter the need, Arizona Safety Plus can help you with your OSHA training or consultation. Click the button to get more information.


OSHA Construction Training

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OSHA training can help your company avoid citations that could lead to expensive fines. OSHA training will also help you reduce employee injury and illness. Whether you are a company or an employee needing OSHA training, our OSHA Authorized training staff can help you with your  Construction or General Industry OSHA training needs. At Arizona Safety Plus we train companies and employees that safety should be a value, not a priority. Click on the type of OSHA training you need in the boxes above.


More and more mines are requiring miners and contractors to show OSHA training in order to be allowed on-site. While most of the miners at mining locations fulfill their training through Part 46 and Part 48 certification. Miners and contractors working in smelting areas and truck shops may not realize they are under OSHA jurisdiction.  Click the picture on the right and scroll down to Section B.6.b for a description of the inter-agency agreement between MSHA and OSHA. Don’t get caught without this training. Like MSHA, this particular OSHA training can only be provided by an approved OSHA Instructor. Call us now for a quote and class scheduling.


As of February 2013 OSHA revised the OSHA OUTREACH training classroom time for the 10 & 30 hour Outreach classes. The classes must be presented with a maximum daily contact time of 7.5 hours. That means that due to breaks and lunch(s)(that cannot be counted), 10 total hours is the most that can be completed per day and there must be a minimum 8 hour break between classes. This restriction is also applied to online OSHA training. So then daily training times are as follows:

  • 10 hour classes will now be a two day class(6 + 4) or (7.5 + 2.5 when a part of a 30 hour class)
  • 30 hour class will now be a four day class(7.5 x 4).

Due to the additional need for classroom and instructor time Arizona Safety Plus will be increasing our class rates starting July 2013. Please call for a quote. All classes contracted in 2010 will still receive the 2010 rate as long as the classes are scheduled and completed within February of 2011. Thank you for your understanding. If you are needing Safety training and do not to receive the DOL (Department Of Labor) issued card, these restrictions do not apply.